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Return & Repair  Policy
► Warranty Policy
 • we  promised  3 years  global  guaranty for  repairing ,and 
replacement of free charge in 6 months .any products problems can be exchanged free of charge. 
 •  we accept the payment refund if you are  not pleased  with our products within 45 days.
(make sure there  is  no any damage).
► Test for Faulted Product 
 •  Our person will test the product by the description of RMA request form. If the product has no problem after we identify, we will take the charge for test and delivery. 
 •  If the breakdown situation same like the description of RMA request form, it will transfer to our fix engineer. 
 •  If the breakdown situation different from the description of RMA request form, or another damage from delivery process, we will contact with customer to make sure the condition before we fix it. 
 •  All testing will finish in 3 days after we receive it, then we will inform customer testing condition and fix time we need. 
► Fix Service 
 •  Our engineer will fix the condition that customer described, and test again to make sure the product can operate well after we fixed it. 
 •  We will inform customer if we did not find other problem. If customer no response in 48 hours, the product will be handle as normal product. 

► Package and Delivery 
about the shipping :we promise to arrange  the goods' shipping  in  24 hours after the 
confirmation of payment ,and then  delivering  by DHL,5-7 days arrive to your  office.